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So you don't have to fumble with your hand to find the control buttons.
Versatile and adjustable
Built-in 350mah battery
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Wide illumination and long battery life

We've all been there: looking for something in the storeroom and not having good light, camping and having a normal torch to carry in your hand, doing sports at night or having to fix something behind a piece of furniture with bad light... On many occasions, we need a lighting aid that does not prevent us from using our hands and is suitable for all kinds of situations.



Rugged and waterproof


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Can I disable the motion sensor?
Yes, the motion sensor can be deactivated so that you can manually dim the lights you want.
Do I need to change the batteries?
No, Mottorch has a built-in battery so charging it will simply require you to plug it in with the c-cable.
What is included?
The product includes both the Mottorch and a type c cable with which you can charge the product.
Does it dazzle the people around me?
You can adjust the level of illumination of both the panoramic light and the front light to suit any situation or need.